Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fox News. Reason Rally

I just posted this to the Fox News Site.
The Raly for Nothing in Particular.

My Comment if it doesn't get posted

Great article.  i love fox news for its factual, honest reporting and smart editorials. Ok , I jest. Another blaring incorrect article, poorly written, smug and full of hubris and arrogance. But, it's ok. Everyone knows Fox is a standing joke.
I would love the author to please tell us which great horrors defile mankind to a secular horde of monsters? I can't think of one. Hitler was a Catholic, whose state religion of fascism worked well with the weak and pathetic Church that licked his jackboots. Stalin created a state religion of Communism, eliminated free thought and persued a concept called the inheritance.   Shall I go on? Ya, but you fox types know this stuff right? oh, probably not.

These people at the reason rally fight for the rights of all people. We do not want to shut up any man, nor silence any thought where as religion, does the opposite, and tries it's best to silence the world. GO on, have your fairytales and sky daddies. I like science, skepticism and reason. How many times in history has religion put a man in space or healed a wound or cured a disease? how many times has god saved a starving child? None.
But science did.
And still does. Some god you got there.
Every time religion swung its big nasty sword, men of science stood their ground, men of free thinking. Men, who, oh, created the USA. Men like Washington that said America is NOT a Christian Nation. Jefferson, Payne.... free thinkers who realized how dangerous religion is. And here, you arrogant little men think you figured it out. I guess soon enough the new Taliban of America will walk the streets, beating up gays, punishing young lovers and allowing morality police into peoples homes.
Good stuff.

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