Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fox News. Reason Rally

I just posted this to the Fox News Site.
The Raly for Nothing in Particular.

My Comment if it doesn't get posted

Great article.  i love fox news for its factual, honest reporting and smart editorials. Ok , I jest. Another blaring incorrect article, poorly written, smug and full of hubris and arrogance. But, it's ok. Everyone knows Fox is a standing joke.
I would love the author to please tell us which great horrors defile mankind to a secular horde of monsters? I can't think of one. Hitler was a Catholic, whose state religion of fascism worked well with the weak and pathetic Church that licked his jackboots. Stalin created a state religion of Communism, eliminated free thought and persued a concept called the inheritance.   Shall I go on? Ya, but you fox types know this stuff right? oh, probably not.

These people at the reason rally fight for the rights of all people. We do not want to shut up any man, nor silence any thought where as religion, does the opposite, and tries it's best to silence the world. GO on, have your fairytales and sky daddies. I like science, skepticism and reason. How many times in history has religion put a man in space or healed a wound or cured a disease? how many times has god saved a starving child? None.
But science did.
And still does. Some god you got there.
Every time religion swung its big nasty sword, men of science stood their ground, men of free thinking. Men, who, oh, created the USA. Men like Washington that said America is NOT a Christian Nation. Jefferson, Payne.... free thinkers who realized how dangerous religion is. And here, you arrogant little men think you figured it out. I guess soon enough the new Taliban of America will walk the streets, beating up gays, punishing young lovers and allowing morality police into peoples homes.
Good stuff.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Solve the Iranian Nuclear Crisis.

I figured it out. How to solve the Iranian Nuclear Crisis. Very simple and the point.
Work with them.
Not sanctions, not weapons or bombs. But give them nuclear technologies. Insist that, in exchange to developing a civilian infrastructure, that there be some intergovernmental oversight. Build the power lines, build the grid.

In fact, kill Iranian fundamentalists with Kindness. How can you hate someone who's being super nice and helpful? You prevent war, you promise to keep your nose out of their problems.
But, you might ask, what about the human rights abuses? Should we just forget those?
Well, to answer than, we have to understand the strange duality of Iranian culture vs politics vs religion. I am no expert, but have done enough research to draw some superficial conclusions, or at least hypothesis's. (plural hypothesi?)

Iran's culture, and nation is complex, rich and full. Iranians compose of Christians, Jews, Muslims and secular groups, and even smaller religions like Ba'Hai and Zoroastrians to name a few.
They have distinct dialects, accents, sub cultures, from religious fundamentalists to hard core punk rockers. Iran is no Iraq. It is not a broken country.
What is broken is the leadership of Iran. The Ayatollah and the puppet elected government that runs the show.

They would be the biggest hindrance in any solution other than full blown war.  Understand this. The leaders of Iran subscribe to a type of Islam that welcomes the Apocalypse.

The majority of the population is  Shi'a. I won't go into a long description of the different sects of Islam. Read about it here. Shi'a Muslim.

 President Mahmood Ahmadinejad subscribes to an ideology that the end times will happen for Islam, and usher in a new ideal, the great Khalifat. The Saudi's don't like Iran all that much as Shi'a's are looked at as outsiders. Again, I won't go into too much detail about this. I can talk about it on another occasion. So if I seem like I'm glossing over things, I apologize.

Because of this, and continuing distrust of outsiders, any sort of outside help might be construed as weakness to the Iranian people. The government may not back down on their stance regarding the great Satan and anti Zionist stance.

Who else would cause a problem? The idiots in the Republican party.
But if these nimrod groups got their heads out of their asses, imagine what would happen if the US actively participated in a nuclear program with Iran? Maybe peace?
maybe Israel can get involved too and bridge some gaps...

Or maybe I'm just a wishful thinker.
the problem is China and Russia are fuckers. I say it with great assurance. They constantly veto operations and actions in the UN that would be humanly good, but bad for those regimes. Like any actions in Africa that might bring awareness to the persistent and slow rape of half of Africa. 
 Plus, if Iran got all chummy with the USA, imagine how mad that would make the Capitalist Fascists of China or the Putinites of Russia? 

Kudos though to Obama for dowsing the flames of war. Sometimes it takes  a lot more effort and a lot more hardship preventing war than it does allowing it to happen.

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