Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canadian Politics or : Why I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Conservatives. (ok well not love)

I want all of you to stop and think strategically for a moment. 
I know some are upset at a Conservative Majority, but why? Are you reacting to the immediate? Disregarding the long term? Politics is a long, sorted process of ebb and flow. 

The Grits lost because they played an erratic game, the NDP rose because of that. And now, we have an opposition party that is inexperienced, stacked for vote count and representing former separatists. It's a great time for change isn't it? Don't forget, many of those elected to the NDP were put there to add vote count to Jack's dream of political reform. He needed numbers, but did not expect any of them to be elected. Sometimes you get what you wish for, and your pants are around your ankles in the process.

The Conservatives have to respect the voter too, and only having 40% of the popular vote means that the next four years will be about balancing the left, the right and rebuilding a better centre. 
I do not fall into the rhetoric or the fear mongering. I see a silver lining and I hope some of you do as well. Next election, or the one after, a good moral progressive government will form, but we are not prepared for that now. 

The Conservatives are the reaction of the frustrations felt by disillusioned voters sick of the glut the Liberals created. They are to blame for this. Many of you voted NDP simply because of that bloat and glut the Grits represented. 

I for one welcome what sort of initiatives the Conservatives will bring. Some I can not agree with, like the religious oriented reforms, and others I can agree with, like the Globalization of Canada, making us stronger, with a bigger global footprint. Will this benefit only a small few or will it help all of Canada? Time will tell.
How many nations with such a small population could be so effectual globally?

The NDP are also on the rise and represent a moral and ethical polarization, which is very good. Imagine a world of homogenized melancholy? That was the Liberals. Now, we have an Opposition that will call out to Mr Harper, and demand ETHICAL, moral reforms, and make sure Canada hears about the true mistakes the Conservatives are making. With the Liberals, it was always a lot of, "well, err ya they're ok... but..I dunno.."

What if Canada was Majority NDP? Would we face that horrid idea of bankruptcy? No, of course not but we would lose global confidence in our ability to manage business? Regardless of whether or not you like socialism, if you want a Strong Canada, you want a smart, economically Friendly Canada. Our Dollar is on the Rise. Our Banks are conquering the States. Our economy is moving towards information Technologies and becoming greener, smarter, and more technical, more intellectual. 

The Conservatives can do this, but they can only do it for a little bit. 
This is where the Silver Lining comes in.
The accountability and application of Change from the Conservatives (Or Reform Party really) can only go so far. WE do need cuts, we do need slimmer spending and we do need realistic goals, but that in itself can not sustain the Conservatives.
They will eventually tank out as Canada, being socially responsible , will want better application of services. Thus,  you will see the rise of the NDP. Funny though, how it will be on all the saved cash by the Conservatives.
But that is politics.

So, Instead of worrying about the immediate, think strategically and progressively. The NDP is ill experienced and lacks a strong core, and they will get their butts kicked in Parliament by the Conservatives. They are not leaders, yet. They need to learn, they need a real education. Hell, one of the elected candidates was in Vegas when they found out. This is unacceptable. Can the NDP lead one day? Sure.
Whether that's a good thing or not is left to our future selves.
For now, enjoy the visible changes, the NEW accountability of Harper and hopefully a more open, smarter government... hopefully.


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