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Prove the Bible without the Bible

Monday, March 7, 2011

Freedom is Attainable!

The war for the freedom of Libya rages as I write this, safe at home on a cold, winter's night. My client praddles on about a budget with her supplier and I wait for her acknowledgment of progression. All I can think of is what the men and women are feeling, thinking, fearing in Libya now.
I've studied Libya extensicely for years. Moammar always fascinated me. He was a man without compromise. Clearly corrupt, yet he convinces himself and his people that his actions are just and fair. Only recently, maybe the past 4 or 5 years has he gone all "tribal" and religious.
Looking Dapper MoMo
Hugo The Clown With MoMo

Make no mistake, this is a secular dictatorship. It used superficial elements of Islam to reinforce it's position as a dictatorship, but this was one mad mans mad dash for power. Say that ten times fast.

MoMo as I like to call him is no different then the other cranks in power around the world. It's a select group of clowns. One of the ring leaders, the anti-American commie wannabe Hugo Chavez nuzzled up real close to Momo.
In a world ever increasingly less tolerant of dictatorships, it's best to circle the wagons sooner than later.
The problem is, each wagon is driven by a mad blind prospector trying to protect their little piece of the SierraMadre Treasure.

A Revolution Or How I used a Dating Site to Topple a Dictator
Social Media For the Win!
Check this little story out.
The organizers of the protests used dating websites to meet, and plan demonstrations and the overall revolt! This is amazing. Using the tools available, knowing the state is watching every one of their moves, they hid in plain sight. Love saves the day..I hope.

The Fight for What is Right
There are a lot of conspiracy moonbats fluttering about claiming this was somehow inspired by the west blabla.
It wasn't,. It is the people who are fed up with being under a dictator that uses pseudo religious nonsense to further oppress and minimize them.
We see this is other nations too. I want to make a quick aside. This is not some great revolution of religion. This is not the deathblow of Islam,  this is just a group of people fed up and taking back what is theirs.
Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, even Iran. Iran is a slightly different case. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the same animal. A regime with puppet leaders, controlled by the most heinous of religious oligarchies. They deserve their own post and I will go into it later.

Right now the Libyan people are being smashed hard by those loyal to MoMo. There is no quarter for the rebels. They either keep fighting or they will face the executioners block. This is a certainty.
This is why the leaders of the Eastern Coalition, with the interim Government are pleading for the West to establish a No Fly Zone. To do this though, attack MUST be made on Libya Air Offense and Defense. Who is willing to commit the firepower for that? The US? European Nations?
This is a very dicey position to be in. Frankly, the nation that comes to the aid through defensive means, like the US could benefit greatly from a free Libya. A strategic location, a friendlier population. etc etc

But it takes resources and a population willing to commit to it. Who will that be? Who will step up and help them? What are the ramifications of giving aid to the Rebels?
There was talk of England and France getting into the fray, http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110307/wl_africa_afp/libyapoliticsunrestunmilitary
and the Arab League

If any other attack comes, the whole situation could result in not just a civil war, but a total collapse of the country. Thousands and thousands of civilians will die. MoMo might even use the massive chemical weapons stockpile he threatens the West with on a daily basis.

The consequences of this would be dramatic. Horrific. I shudder to think what would happen.

The Ideal
I spoke to a man today who was wearing a Libyan Flag. not the current one but the one from before MoMo's take over.
He was only 10 when his country went into chaos. His father would tell him about how it was under Italy, and how it changed and degraded, grew then faltered again under MoMo's regime. (He called him Mad Man Qaddafi)
He told me that he feels powerless being over here in Canada but happy his children have a good life without the worry of oppression and violence. He did lose some distant cousins in the fighting and feels for his family still trapped in Tripoli. I will keep his name confidential as I don't want any of Mad Man Qaddafi's men to find him and indirectly punish his family.

He did tell me before leaving the line at Tim's, that, after having long talks with relatives and friends from all over the African and Arab world, that things are changing, and watch out, they are going to happen fast. We said our goodbyes and all I could do is look at him with respect. I felt for him, being unable to help those in a place where he came from, happy yet sad that he lives in such luxury, that of peace, where as others struggle for a piece of bread.
I part you

If you are reading this, and you live in a world where your thoughts, actions, feelings, sexuality, gender, race and even beliefs are being subjugated, you are brutalized and abused, you are not alone.
You though have an opportunity to make right for what has been wronged.
I'm not talking about the spoiled Urbanites in North America who love to protest, I'm talking about you, the Chinese guy who doesn't like his government. You the Iranian woman who would rather  find the love of another woman. You the abused Liberian, raped since two and left for dead.
There is hope. It takes a leader, and maybe one of you have it in you. Maybe one of you will read this and say, you know what, I am a leader. Maybe one of you will stand up against it.
Maybe one of you.
The Prophet

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