Friday, February 11, 2011

Prove the Bible without The Bible.

Here is a challenge to everyone out there. Prove the Bible without the Bible.
Not so simple is it?

The scientific method is a honed and perfected process that deliverers measurable results, proper, logical interpretation and consistent evaluation of data.
It is a process that when boiled down asks this. Prove your point, but prove your point with something that is directly related to but not specifically That which is Your Point.

Biblical logic (I won't go into Koranic as it is a mindless quagmire of contradiction) states this.
The Bible is Correct. But how is it Correct? Because the Bible Tells me So.
But how do you know it's real without an outside interpretation of those documents?
Because the Bible is right. Now stop asking questions and believe.

This is the circular logic fallacy of Religion.
Religion refuses to question itself. It claims   it does. I've been in many a Synagogue where they claim they are questioning their Religion. This is false.
Judaism is an interesting faith structure. Frankly, I really don't think I've met a Jew (other than Orthodox or Ascetic) who really believes in an intervening God. The religion is so haughty intellectual and esoteric, that it goes beyond a faith into some sort of quasi metaphysical science that really is hard to follow if one was not used to it.
Hell, a good chuck of Rabbi's get into the lucrative Kosher Gig. You drive by a truck full of kosher food, do a drive by blessing and you just made a good 20 Grand.

I might don a yarmulke and go l'chaim!!!!

But i digress. They CLAIM to question their faith but really they put up scripted questions to their Rabbi ho responds with scripted answers. God moves in mysterious ways was what I heard a lot growing up.
In churches the smiling Priest would give similar answers. At the occasional mosque I attended as a guest, The Question and Answer was usually nonexistent and a whole lot of angry demands of penance or hellfire awaits those who disagree with Allah. Asalam M'lakum!Allah hu Akbar indeed. No. God is not great but again, I digress.

To question faith, to really put it under the microscope of the scientific method, faith dies. it is destroyed. It ends in glorious oblivion along side any fairytale.
So, like I ask so many times, why don't people demand answers, real answers regardless of the Bible claiming itself absolute?

The Scientific Method Vs The Other Guy's

For me to accept the Bible as fact i need corroborating evidence that is NOT the bible but related to directly or otherwise to the bible and its claims.

Go to this link with a more comprehensive breakdown of the Scientific Method Vs Faith.

Faith Vs The Scientific Method

 Example. This is Green. My Spectrograph says it's Green, My Colour Chart Created to Associate with similar colours matches the green. When digitized the computer interprets the hexadecimal value as Green. I have other individuals attesting to it being Green. So I can now say, THIS is Green.
If you make a claim, YOU MUST support it with factual and logical information.
Saying, You just gotta believe, is Garbage.

So when I say, prove the Bible is Real, without the Bible. Good chance is you can't.
A great example is peoples obsession with finding Noah's Ark. They claim it rests on Mount Ararat, buried under debris many many tens of metres deep.
Biblical Archaeologists (Pseudo Scientists the lot of them) will interpret partial data and data mine the work of other real scientists to give proof that the sonar image under the ground is that of an Ark.
Now, forgoing the obvious questions of how did it support all those animals, and how did all the worlds animals get there etc etc etc, one has to first question the data and means in which they gathered the data.
In the end, they use the Bible To Corroborate  the Bible.
This is Bullshit.
I can go on and on but I think you get the point.

My last comment is in regards to the End of World Prophecy of May 21, 2011.
I had the fortune or misfortune to speak to one of the actual individuals who calculated these endtime predictions. 
Please, if you are on Facebook, take a look here.!/pages/Judgement-day-may-21-2011/172321066135387

I openly asked him, How did you come to this truth?
He said through careful calculations related to bible verses, chapters etc etc.
I then asked him, what version of the bible? Then I asked him what numerical system did you use? Did you recalculate to Lunar Calendar or the calendar at that time which disregarded leap years over a regular, non celestial calendar?
Of course he couldn't answer any of these things correctly. He did say they corrected for lunar cycles without taking into account Earth Wobble or changes in the Moons orbit (which changes slightly over time much like Earth's orbit)
Then I asked which numerical system did you base your calculations on?
Did you convert for the lack of 0 in the old system? Did you adjust for the different calculation system? No he stupidly and ignorantly said God made one than two than three than four etc etc.

This is where his system failed. I questioned, using techniques and tools that, going outside what he wants to prove, question the hypothesis and it all falls apart.
A scientist or a logical person would say, I wonder if this is true or not? How can I find out? A religious person would say This is FACT, but you have to believe me.
A scientist will look into both sides of the matter, eliminating evidence and information until the only answer is available.
Religion predetermines the answer and contorts all other information to suit it.
Similar to the now popular amongst Creationists Macro-Evolution VS Micro-Evolution. It's the same thing yet they separate the two to account for observable variations among animals but do NOT accept any data that proves the Macro-evolution.
They refuse it because it openly contradicts what they believe. Which is inherently wrong simple because it refuses to be accountable for itself!
Hence when I say,

On a side note the guy who thinks the world is coming to an End on May 21 just told me Zombies will rise on the day or reckoning with great Earthquakes.
Great, God now sends a Zombie Apocalypse.... And he expects me to worship him? yesh....

Your Prophet, Jephri

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