Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Logical Fallacy of Faith and Why Pascal is an Idiot

Since I was a young pup, I always felt odd about faith.
My relatives would tell me to have faith. Just believe and all will come to you.
When I tried to apply reasoning and logic, the idea of faith crumbled like crackers into a soup.
It's not that faith was unappealing or belief in a supernatural creature stupid, it just didn't make sense.

The argument works out like this.

What is God?
He created the Universe.
Do you have proof?
No! But I have faith that he is watching over us.
But you don't know.
Sure I do.
I have faith.

And so it goes in circular logic until someone just says "Ah Fuckit" and walks away.
I say, let's rationalize faith and see what it gets us.
The essence of faith, is to accept the unknowable, the unprovable.
It's akin in assuming that one can multiply by 0.

So if f = (E(0)) + Nf/P

Faith equals Evidence times Naught Plus Number of Followers Over Power

Faith is only as powerful as the number of followers find it. No matter how you derive the equation, the only thing you are left with is either NO faith with No followers,  no evidence regardless or some quasi mash of lunacy.

For one to have faith, one MUST not believe.
 If God was real, and Jesus and Mohammad and Angels and demons and etc etc then, one would not need faith but subservient devotion. Then there would need to be an accountability of the Creator and a demand for his time for your penance.
Even great dictators have to answer to their people right?
God moves in mysterious ways simply because most mysteries are nothing, God isn't real and to have faith, you must accept that God is not.

The driving force of faith is just that, the nothingness one can not prove directly.
I am an Atheist. I am not a fence sitting Agnostic. Unsure of what side to pick. I know simply because reason shows me. No faith, no belief. I look at the numbers.
I use statistics and probability. The probability of any number of gods from history being real is so close to infinite zero that I wouldn't even waste my time figuring out that probability scale.

What of Pascals Wager? 

Pascal's Wager is one of the easiest refutable arguments that religion throws at us. My argument simply is, regardless of being wrong, and the number of other thousands of gods out there, blindly worshiping a child like creator goes against the principles of democracy and my franchise.
Are we humans more enlightened then the Monster in the Old Testament and the Quran? Are we more civil than the torturer and guilt layer in the New Testament? Are we more Human than the child like Gods in Hinduism?
Pascal can have his waste of time walking around with a neck full of religious ornaments hoping to appease some flying Space Daddy. Not this guy. Not this Prophet!

For one to believe, one must first know in their heart that God is not real, and from that can they actually believe in something unprovable. Faith is a personal lie.
Faith is the mechanism to control and subjugate. Faith is the tool to instigate fear and make a profit. Faith is the last straw in a weak mind.

If God was real, we would not need faith, and God would not have the power he wields over so many sad people.

Pascal is a fool and there is No God.
But I think all of you knew that already. You were just too scared to think forward to the next step, that nothing, (including that flying Spaghetti Monster) can not exert power over you.
You are free, now go play.

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