Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Skepticism Matters - a Short muse

Being A skeptic is not a bad thing. I hear people lambaste the cynic and the skeptic like they are the same thing. Politicians, Clergy, all love to make the poor Skeptic into this angry, grumbly fellow who wastes everyone's time complaining about stuff.
A Skeptic's role is the question the establishment and demand accountability to answers.
Without skepticism, we would not have science, as the very basis of science surrounds skepticism itself.
Skepticism is the very essence of positive thought as it demands accountability and the truth. In fact, those who serve to block or undermine skepticism tend to be very negative people as they fear new thoughts and tend to feel comfortable within their bubble.

Next time someone offers you a "truth", question it. Demand an answer, and if they can't give you one, probably a good sign they themselves are full of shit, and you were very justified in questioning them.

Going to go see a movie, when I come back, I have a few lamentations on religion in politics and the evils of faith based movements.
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