Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So much to kevetch about - Anti - Vaccination

I've been pretty involved in some big open debates about Vaccination, homeopathy and alternative medicine.
It get's pretty wild what people believe. And the key word is Belief.
That one word can make the difference between a factual, well tohught out theory, and sheer bumpkiss.

I believe in nothing except the philosophical application of reason and logic. The reason is that they exist in the realm of abstract thought, which in essence has no physical application except the indirect usage of such.
I got into this really heavy debate on facebook on a page called V.I.N.E
Vaccination Information Network.
These quackpots, led by their semi insane leader, Erwin Alden, a Kiwi with a hate-on for Western Medicine, are out to rid the world of science and replace it with magic beans.

The nature of Vine is the question a)the validity of Vaccines b)Offer alternative medicines c)Educate people on their rights as well as give medical advice.

I'll start with C.
Erwin loves to give out medical advice. In fact, he is so assured to the evils of western medicine, even going so far as to claim MD's are part of a vast international conspiracy to depopulate the world through Vaccination and GMO's.
He calls them peddlers of evil and child abusers.
Making such statements without proof is called liable. I can tell you this., New Zealand authorities should be made aware of this.

B)Alternative medicines. I'm not going to go into detail here, as I want to have separate posts about the myriad of snake oil scams in alternative medicine, but what I will say is the amount of bullshit and nonsense peddled to poor, unsuspecting people.

I'll quickly round off the bullshit list. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). One only has to look at the general health and well being of China to know the Bull of TCM. Not to mention, if you support TCM, you support the Bear Bile, the Shark Fins, the Whale Penis. I won't go into the impurities found in many TCM products. Take a gander here.TCM Quackery (I'll talk more about that later)

Homeopathy. This deserves it's own post but for the time being, go here. How Does Homeopathy Work
 It's actually quite an exhaustive list.
The last real factitious, idiotic and unscientific theory is Cellular Theory. Germ Vs Cellular
Read the chart. If you know a little bit, even the teeniest, tiniest smallest thing about biology, you would know Cellular Theory is bullshit.
Again, it deserves it's own post for analysis.

And now Number A).
Vaccines Don't Work.
Really Erwin? Don't they? Do Vaccines work? According to the CDC, ya they do.
Do they have side effects and could potentially cause death? Sure. It's called mitigating Risk. Vaccines (which I will talk further about later with some real data and medical information)
have been proven effective. Any argument against vaccines comes from analysis of statistical data, bad science (almost science fiction) and assumption mixed with anecdotal evidence.
Let me give you folks a little advice.
If you make a claim, EVEN IF IT IS RIGHT, you must prove it, and thus be willing to accept criticism for that statement. if you fail this, your claim, true or not, is invalid and you are wasting your time.
There is a reason there is a process in this.
So when Wakefield, the crook he is, was found guilty of manipulating data, lying, endangering children and accepting money from lawyers, people should have said, ok so this autism-vaccine thing probably isn't real.
Erwin and his collective of bleating sheep say otherwise. They worship him like a god. A martyr! They beleive him innocent, even in the face of absolute evidence indicating otherwise. Wakefield is a crook and will always be known as a man who, through his greed, has caused the death or illness of thousands of people, needlessly. Evil.Wakefield

I'm going to take off, next post will be less ranty and more specific. Cheers!

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