Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Religion of Peace? I think not. Russian Bombings and other musings.

Putin Vows Revenge for Airport Bombing
The Emergencies Ministry said the dead included one person each from Britain, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan; 16 were Russians and the remaining 12 had not been identified. A further 110 people, including nine foreigners, were hospitalized.

This is another sad incident, among many thousands throughout the world that sum up what Free Society is facing in the 21st Century.
Since 9/11, and even long before, the Jihadist, or religious extremist (almost all religions can attest to having a good 5% to 15% of their population among the Fundamentalists and another 20% of those being fanatics. This could be even more. Numbers from the UN stats on Human Rights and Freedoms)

Think of the bombings in the London Underground or Madrid or the USS Cole, to name a few.
Men driven because of some twisted justification, with little or no regard for human life.

Fueled by the dementia of religion.

The Suicide Bomber isn't always the Fanatic

There is one common judgment across the board that suicide bombers are ALL fanatics.
This isn't true. Many are coerced into performing these actions because of extortion and threats of other fanatics.

They will routinely threaten to kill family members if you are unwilling to join in the cause.
Simple criminal activities. (A report on international crime outlined terrorism as consisting of both criminal and religious intent)

At the root of this though is the assertion of divine allowance for these actions to take place. The guilt, threats of hellfire and the mental abuse required to take an intelligent, well adjusted person to commit such actions are another form of coercion. So the suicide bomber isn't always a fanatic from the onset, but they find a way of getting there, which by their own means or the means of others.

What is it about religion, and more specifically Islam that allows for this?

Religion is NOT peace

Religion, with all it's niceties, and beautiful ceremonies is in essence the blind worship and unquestioning authority of , well, nothing.
Air. Imaginary things.
When you are a child and your mother tells you that your imaginary friend isn't real, you get upset. As an adult, you hurt people.
Not all religions suffer form the misogyny and death cult status of the Western, Abrahamic Religions. Some like the Jain's or Baha'i, regard life, and the purpose of life to be a journey of love and growth.
A Journey, not unlike their prophets, of self reflection and good deed with conviction and without hubris and arrogance. 
The problem is, they still believe in nothing. They worship creatures invented by man, as reflections of our own faults (in the case of the Roman Gods) or a reflection of our desires (Greek God's as well) or our natural fear of death (Abrahamic faiths and other, death worshipping cults)
Islam has not once entered into a state of Reformation. Right now, millions and millions of Muslims struggle with each other over the most irrelevant issues, sometimes blowing up fellow mosques in the name of their flavour of Islam. 
Shiite Vs Sunni etc etc. Islam has never faced a point in which it's very survival was resting on a a detente and then a rebirth. The thing is, Islam, as a religion is dying and I will talk about that in a moment.
Similar to the Protestant conflict with the Catholics, a wedge needed to be shoved in between. A true peace maker, secularism.

Peace is derived through Freedom, not absolutism

To have peace, you must have detente. True world peace, where everyone loves each other and hands out flowers doesn't come from a willingness to end conflict, far from it. It comes from the willingness to mutually profit off of the exchange of social and emotional bonds, which in turn result in a higher yield of benefit over conflict.
Most of the world's conflicts have been over resources and the control, and or power struggle over them.
Whether it be land, goods, people, regardless, it all comes down to who controls what. The best motivator for those in power though is religion.

Motivating someone to commit an atrocity better have a reward greater than any and all rewards ever summed up in their life. it could be money, (mercenaries)  religion (72 Virgins waiting for you) or simply the admiration of the state (National Socialism is a great example of this)

The greatest motivator though is the idea of eternal pleasures and rewards. I won't go into the idiocy of Islams afterlife or the silly descriptions of heaven in Christianity, but know that the reward of eternal salvation is a great motivator for evil.

The way to prevent all this though is the separate the daily lives and actions of men and women from their religions, emotional lives.
This is where Secularism and Democracy come into play.
Religion serves to remove the responsibility of action from the individual, then punishes severely the transgressions.
The Franchise, or democracy places the complete onus on the individual, including protecting the freedoms of others. This may sound similar but they are as different then Apples and Seahorses.

If the individual becomes responsible for their actions, both to the collective, to themselves and to the function of the  collective, then one feels a part owner in it. We are all owners of the franchise. Religion is more of a Parent/Child relationship where the rules have been set, do as you are told and you will not be punished. Break them and you will know what you have done wrong. 
Problem is, you don't learn anything new and you create stagnation and, in the end defeat. Subjugation.  

Islam serves to destroy this.

Why Islam is in for a big hurt
 Islam is not the first religion to use suicide bombers. The bomb vest was actually the invention of insane Tamils, waging a ridiculous war against Sri Lanka. They believed it was their divine right to create a nation of Tamils and die trying. Looks like they got half that right.
The Kamikaze of Japan, or Holy Wind died in the name of their God Emperor. 
history is rife with examples of those willing to die in the name of a Religion.
Islam is no different. As a religion it also offers little or no difference than Christianity or Judaism. Just another flavour of means and ways to control and subjugate people in the name of a flying Sky Daddy.

History shows though that the zeal and energy needed  to wage a war of fanaticism, soon burns out and usually ends up backfiring in the end. (The Crusades, the Islamic Invasion of Europe during the 1700's etc)

In our Modern world, especially in the West, we are expected to support, love and propagate the idea that we can all get along. This is bumpkiss mind you but, regardless it has allowed for cultures like Canada, Most of Western Europe, the US and others to create multigenus societies with mixed and inherently stronger cultures. 
Sometimes you get infiltrated with dead, dying and sick cultures which associate and further justify their actions with religious zealotism, then demand the new host country capitulate.

England and Europe are great examples of how not to treat and handle your immigrants. It's become an almost frightening. This is another topic to talk about for another post.

What is happening is a global spreading of a sick philosophy known as Islam.
There are those among the religion that are not fanatics, not dangerous in any capacity. The problem is, there are far too many that are.
Islam is at a crossroads. As the world begins to rely less and less on the oil of the Wahhabi's of Saudi Arabia, their influence as well will wane. To establish power, control and growth of their faith, ore militant and aggressive techniques will start happening.
We see this in the global reaction to a bunch of cartoons of the murderous Muhammad. A man renowned for his lust of young women, power and military conquest. I hold little respect for a man so willing to commit atrocities and is still worshiped today. I fear that in 200 years men will look back and may worship Stalin or Hitler, as their divine promises were just as wild and idiotic as those found in any religion.
The reason why Islam is about to get a big wake up call comes from their steadfast need to demand change of any nation they occupy.
I remember trying to go for a swim at my local pool. I was doing laps when a group of Muslim women came in, head coverings etc and demanded the men leave the pool out of respect for their faith. Like so many good natured and welcoming Canadians, people capitulated but I stood my ground. I said no. I have a right to swim here as do you. SO please swim but do not ask from me to usurp my own rights to fulfill your religious obligations. I will not cross that line.
Respect is earned and these women did not have mine.

There have been global protests in the name of Sharia Law. Even here, in Canada. Protesters demanding a tiered legal system to suit their religious beliefs!
This can not and will not be allowed to continue.
The free reign of demands and capitulation through politically correct measure is coming to an end.
The problem is, instead of us as a collective standing up and saying no, but here is a better collusion, we h ave fringe groups rising to the occasion.
Examples are the Tea Party, British National Party, and other Nationalistic parties forming throughout Europe and Asia. 
Groups that are fed up, and willing to commit heinous acts of violence. 
This can not be allowed either.
What we need is a global awareness of what it means to be free. Education, growth, food, etc can help in those efforts.
The first steps need to happen from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia. They need to grow up. Their cultures need to change and their religion needs to mature.
Right now, as they continue to pressure and push Europeans, the Chinese, Russia, the USA etc, they do so under the guise their god will protect them.
Sadly, all that will happen is a global backlash. You will see more and more religious screenings in immigration. More and more violence perpetrated against Muslims, whether justified or not (in the minds of those doing it) it will happen.

Soon, if a large enough terrorist attack on US or European soil occurs, don't be surprised to see more invasions and if necessary, mushroom clouds over cities.
Is this fear mongering or idiocy? No, it's an inevitable and predictable outcome from a world fed up with capitulation and acceptance through forced tolerance.

Islam has a choice. Rise up, abandon these Islamist dreams of global superpowers under the name of Allah, find the personal adherence to the faith, while supporting and defending the rights of secular society. Which include the freedoms of and from religion, sexuality, gender and general discrimination.
Once this happens, this renaissance of Islam, then the world will be free from these kinds of conflicts.

Sadly, with men and women who see selfish, arrogant dreams of destruction and death in the name of god, we, the free society must stand as vanguards to the coming storm. Quell our fanatics and xenophobes and through that, establish a dialogue with the enemy and hopefully win over their hearts and minds with philosophies of inclusion and fairness.
Will this happen? I don't know. 

What I do know, is a lot of people are going to get hurt, needlessly, and without reason.




  1. Thanks! I think we need to continue questioning all religion and demand answers!


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