Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pakistan - A Microcosm of How a Nation Decays

Blasphemy Laws in Dispute

Recently a well known and loved left wing politician was murdered in Pakistan, simply because he insisted on fighting an outrageous set of blasphemy laws currently accepted in Pakistan.
The Pope along with countless other international delegates have demanded Pakistan repeal its harsh, and repressive laws.
In the streets though, the population feels otherwise.
The supposedly  peaceful religion rears its, well, head (I would say ugly but we should just presume it's nothing but ugly) with threats to any and all that question it's collective insanity.
"If you challenge the prophet, we will take revenge. It doesn't matter who does it," Cries a cleric from teh crowd.

Another example of the evil of religion and how it destroys everything it touches.

The politician that was murdered was somehow a criminal. Salman Taseer, the governor of Pakistan's Punjab province openly criticized the law because of its retardation of Pakistan. His body guard killed him and he becomes a national hero.

Why is this? I will talk about Blasphemy in another post but let's talk about the implications of this in Pakistan.
If you wanted to watch the effect religion has on a nation, look at Pakistan. A nation being torn asunder in the name of a religion which can't even figure itself out, let alone the means and ways of a population of fanatical followers.

Pakistan has a rough past. I don't know if any of you know much about it but I spent a few sleepless hours reading on the history, the players and the ways it was formed and now, sadly crumbles.
An ancient culture derived from Hindu practices, and filtered with Middle Eastern influence, Pakistan is a beautiful country I would love to visit one day.
Sadly, as a Kafir, I am an infidel and subject to execution under their laws.

The paranoia of the Jew (which I will cover in another topic. The Fallacy of the super race)
and the inability to control their own emotional cultures have fostered tribalism and the growth of fundamentalist Islamists.

The blasphemy laws are a clear indication of the extent that faith will go to protect itself from criticism.
Think of that poor woman who got into an argument among other workers in a field. In a heated exchange her life pretty much came to an end.
Christian Woman To be Executed

This insanity only serves to retard Pakistan. It permits the primitive cultures to perpetrate, the religion to control the government and the people to hate (which is the easiest way to control a population).

WE will be watching Pakistan Further and as things progress, I will be more active in my criticism of the Mullahs and Imans and the irrational and fanatical.
They will be brought to the light and held accountable for their actions infront of Man and NOT the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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