Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Book of Logic and Reason - Skepticism

Hello everyone.
This is my first post as Prophet Jephri. 
This blog will serve as a meeting ground for like-minded and contrarian minds to meet, discuss, and enlighten each other.

I want to serve reason and educated, civil discourse. However,  I also believe, as a Militant Atheist, that we, as secular champions must engage the darkness which is religion, fear, superstition and conspiracy,  and shine a bright, beautiful light into their eyes.

To give context to my understanding of these subject matters, I will give a brief history of myself, so you can know that I do not present partial fact, but will engage with accountable, and provable data. 
Anything I don't know, I will claim ignorance and research it. If I am proved wrong, I accept that and will champion the truth.

Who I am
I grew up in a Secular nation, surrounded by varying cultures and religions. A mother who is Jewish (spiritual more so) and a non-practicing Christian father, my first best friend a Muslim boy, I had a really good early eye opener to the insanity of faith.
I spent my youth studying. I would read anything scientific or philosophical. History, genetics, religion, geology, astronomy, astrology. I consumed it all. I needed to know. I was even going to enter sciences in university, specifically leaning towards geology and applied physics. I decided to engage in something far more difficult, social media, communications and entertainment. This gave me the ability to rationalize and contextualize all the information I spent my life learning. I don’t stop though.  Soon, I will begin my pursuit of sciences in University. I may be 30, but I never stopped learning.
I can guarantee you I have read the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, the Bible and other lesser known religious texts more than most humans.  I’ve met some devote Christians who nary a page read but a pastor believed.
Many a fundamentalist Muslim who’s verses remembered were the ones his Imam forced down his throat for pious, controlling reasons.  Think he read through the misogyny of the Quran? Probably not, but he believes it regardless.
I even have spoken to Hindu’s who profess great love for their gods, yet know nothing of the texts written about them.

What I want to do
Prove or disprove the following

Monotheism Is It aA Farce?
The Holy Trinity is a Joke
Mohammed was Not a Character worthy of Worship
Jesus Probably Didn’t Exist
The True Nature of Religion
Why We Believe What We Believe
The New Religion (Conspiracies)
Education and Our Children
And other similar topics.
I will also be producing a video blog soon. So watch out for that.

Rules of Engagement
Religion is an obvious fallacy, or is it? For us to support a theory or conclusion, we must understand why something is, and how to go about proving it so. 
I will make many points, a lot of opinion and support it with data. I will make it clear it is an opinion, so please judge it accordingly. When I present fact, you must then use common sense in understanding that fact.
If a person of religious belief comes here and makes outrageous claims easily falsified, but in so doing you insult them, insult away.

The burden of proof is upon the taskmaster.

You make the claim, stand by it. 

If a person distastes religion and is only out to insult without rhyme or reason, then go away. This is a place of intellectual (and sometimes childish) behavior. I'm not looking for a fight for fights sake, I want people to learn and realize that maybe, they shouldn't fear what goes bump in the night.

Do not assume you know anything. No, this is not the philosophical gobbledygook that people love to wax poetically as an excuse to not bother learning anything and retaining that knowledge. (Mind you I find this funny as it tends to be uttered by religious zealots who toss it at those with scientific minds, saying that we really don’t know what we are talking about, even though they themselves have declared absolute knowledge on any subject matter)

What I mean is, Don’t come in all presumptuous with ideas, then get insulted when someone questions you. Remember, the Burden of Proof is upon you. I will prove every point I make, so you should too. Don’t assume, back it up with data.

This is my first post! So, please comment and enjoy and let’s start talking.

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