Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beginnings of the Renaissance of the Islamic world or a Flash in the Pan?

The Beginnings of the Renaissance of the Islamic world or a Flash in the Pan?

The recent upheavals in Tunisia, Yemen and now Egypt are building like a wildfire, spreading across the Middle East, the Arab World, Africa, Persia and beyond.
The seeds of doubt in oppressive, religiously controlled governments have started to sprout and from it, we have the rise of the people.
For almost 1400 years, Islam has seen some Golden Years as Europe sullied in a quagmire of superstition and war. Those Golden Years though died out about 340 years ago with the defeat at the gates of Vienna.
A combined European Force defeated the Ottoman Empire in a devastating battle that helped unite parts of Europe previously at odds with each other. Battle for Vienna 

This decline in the power of the Islamic states and empires resulted in a massive fragmentation and an eventual colonization of European forces in an almost Final Crusade that further divided the region.
What happened though, was the rise of Khalifs and religious micro states that severely oppressed the population.
Speed ahead a few hundred years and we are witness to what could be the next great war facing mankind. A war of Attrition or obliteration? Between the Enlightened Western Cultures (Including China and Japan for instance) versus the old, tribal cultures of the Middle East.
Let's consider why this is happening.
It's funny. 9/11, and other terrorist attacks on the West, not to mention the terror attacks against other Muslims are a result of a modern society clashing with a more primitive less adapted one, all because of resources and global influx of money.
IN essence the Muslim world had been defeated for all time, problem is they sit on resources we need.
So what happens? Our governments interfere, manipulate and help Radicals foster a hate for us.
All the while, dictatorships build and oppress the people more, but it's ok, as long as we hate the West just as much.
I may be digressing, but I'm getting to my point.
The Islamic world is a fractured, broken world, united only in hate and even that can't help create peace either. More Muslims die at the hands of other Muslims than they do to Western aggression. (The Terrorism numbers are astounding).
So far, we know that outside influence causes problems, RELIGION causes problems, so how do we help the people escape the dictatorships and fractured world they live in?
We do nothing.
We step away and not interfere. What happens?
Riots, revolts and a rise of the people. I just hope this isn't a flash in the pan and it actually builds towards a stronger, smarter, better world.
A safer world too. If the people are emancipated, and secular governments rise, and turn the radicals into a weak, little minority, we in the West will benefit greatly. If the opposite happens, like in Iran, we are in for a lot more troubles in the near future.
I really hope this is the Renaissance the Islamic world needs, for all our sakes.

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