Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens 1949 - 2011

I first learned of Christopher Hitchens when I read some nasty anti-science articles in some forgotten christian magazine. Who was this man that brought so much ire to himself? I picked up a few of his books and have re-read them maybe a dozen times each. A brilliant writer, orator  and a master debater (hehe) he was one of the four horseman, a juggernaut of unstoppable intellect and relentless aggression to the lies and evil in which religion brings to this world.
He was controversial, sometimes a contrarian for the sake of being one, and oft arrogant, drunk, flirtatious and disrespectful, but what great man or woman  have not harnessed  fuelled and furthered because of their eccentricities? You will be missed Mr. Hitchens.

Monday, June 27, 2011

DMT and the Clockwork Elves

Alex Jones is an idiot. Now, I don't just say that loosely. 
He is what happens when you give anyone the opportunity to write whatever they want, without proof, without tangible evidence etc etc. He is part of an ongoing research article I am doing about conspiracy theory and the human condition. Alex Jones is a religious fanatic, just he believes in conspiracy instead of god. Or maybe both. In either case, watch this video and explore the "clockwork Elves".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canadian Politics or : Why I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Conservatives. (ok well not love)

I want all of you to stop and think strategically for a moment. 
I know some are upset at a Conservative Majority, but why? Are you reacting to the immediate? Disregarding the long term? Politics is a long, sorted process of ebb and flow. 

The Grits lost because they played an erratic game, the NDP rose because of that. And now, we have an opposition party that is inexperienced, stacked for vote count and representing former separatists. It's a great time for change isn't it? Don't forget, many of those elected to the NDP were put there to add vote count to Jack's dream of political reform. He needed numbers, but did not expect any of them to be elected. Sometimes you get what you wish for, and your pants are around your ankles in the process.

The Conservatives have to respect the voter too, and only having 40% of the popular vote means that the next four years will be about balancing the left, the right and rebuilding a better centre. 
I do not fall into the rhetoric or the fear mongering. I see a silver lining and I hope some of you do as well. Next election, or the one after, a good moral progressive government will form, but we are not prepared for that now. 

The Conservatives are the reaction of the frustrations felt by disillusioned voters sick of the glut the Liberals created. They are to blame for this. Many of you voted NDP simply because of that bloat and glut the Grits represented. 

I for one welcome what sort of initiatives the Conservatives will bring. Some I can not agree with, like the religious oriented reforms, and others I can agree with, like the Globalization of Canada, making us stronger, with a bigger global footprint. Will this benefit only a small few or will it help all of Canada? Time will tell.
How many nations with such a small population could be so effectual globally?

The NDP are also on the rise and represent a moral and ethical polarization, which is very good. Imagine a world of homogenized melancholy? That was the Liberals. Now, we have an Opposition that will call out to Mr Harper, and demand ETHICAL, moral reforms, and make sure Canada hears about the true mistakes the Conservatives are making. With the Liberals, it was always a lot of, "well, err ya they're ok... but..I dunno.."

What if Canada was Majority NDP? Would we face that horrid idea of bankruptcy? No, of course not but we would lose global confidence in our ability to manage business? Regardless of whether or not you like socialism, if you want a Strong Canada, you want a smart, economically Friendly Canada. Our Dollar is on the Rise. Our Banks are conquering the States. Our economy is moving towards information Technologies and becoming greener, smarter, and more technical, more intellectual. 

The Conservatives can do this, but they can only do it for a little bit. 
This is where the Silver Lining comes in.
The accountability and application of Change from the Conservatives (Or Reform Party really) can only go so far. WE do need cuts, we do need slimmer spending and we do need realistic goals, but that in itself can not sustain the Conservatives.
They will eventually tank out as Canada, being socially responsible , will want better application of services. Thus,  you will see the rise of the NDP. Funny though, how it will be on all the saved cash by the Conservatives.
But that is politics.

So, Instead of worrying about the immediate, think strategically and progressively. The NDP is ill experienced and lacks a strong core, and they will get their butts kicked in Parliament by the Conservatives. They are not leaders, yet. They need to learn, they need a real education. Hell, one of the elected candidates was in Vegas when they found out. This is unacceptable. Can the NDP lead one day? Sure.
Whether that's a good thing or not is left to our future selves.
For now, enjoy the visible changes, the NEW accountability of Harper and hopefully a more open, smarter government... hopefully.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Freedom is Attainable!

The war for the freedom of Libya rages as I write this, safe at home on a cold, winter's night. My client praddles on about a budget with her supplier and I wait for her acknowledgment of progression. All I can think of is what the men and women are feeling, thinking, fearing in Libya now.
I've studied Libya extensicely for years. Moammar always fascinated me. He was a man without compromise. Clearly corrupt, yet he convinces himself and his people that his actions are just and fair. Only recently, maybe the past 4 or 5 years has he gone all "tribal" and religious.
Looking Dapper MoMo
Hugo The Clown With MoMo

Make no mistake, this is a secular dictatorship. It used superficial elements of Islam to reinforce it's position as a dictatorship, but this was one mad mans mad dash for power. Say that ten times fast.

MoMo as I like to call him is no different then the other cranks in power around the world. It's a select group of clowns. One of the ring leaders, the anti-American commie wannabe Hugo Chavez nuzzled up real close to Momo.
In a world ever increasingly less tolerant of dictatorships, it's best to circle the wagons sooner than later.
The problem is, each wagon is driven by a mad blind prospector trying to protect their little piece of the SierraMadre Treasure.

A Revolution Or How I used a Dating Site to Topple a Dictator
Social Media For the Win!
Check this little story out.
The organizers of the protests used dating websites to meet, and plan demonstrations and the overall revolt! This is amazing. Using the tools available, knowing the state is watching every one of their moves, they hid in plain sight. Love saves the day..I hope.

The Fight for What is Right
There are a lot of conspiracy moonbats fluttering about claiming this was somehow inspired by the west blabla.
It wasn't,. It is the people who are fed up with being under a dictator that uses pseudo religious nonsense to further oppress and minimize them.
We see this is other nations too. I want to make a quick aside. This is not some great revolution of religion. This is not the deathblow of Islam,  this is just a group of people fed up and taking back what is theirs.
Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, even Iran. Iran is a slightly different case. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the same animal. A regime with puppet leaders, controlled by the most heinous of religious oligarchies. They deserve their own post and I will go into it later.

Right now the Libyan people are being smashed hard by those loyal to MoMo. There is no quarter for the rebels. They either keep fighting or they will face the executioners block. This is a certainty.
This is why the leaders of the Eastern Coalition, with the interim Government are pleading for the West to establish a No Fly Zone. To do this though, attack MUST be made on Libya Air Offense and Defense. Who is willing to commit the firepower for that? The US? European Nations?
This is a very dicey position to be in. Frankly, the nation that comes to the aid through defensive means, like the US could benefit greatly from a free Libya. A strategic location, a friendlier population. etc etc

But it takes resources and a population willing to commit to it. Who will that be? Who will step up and help them? What are the ramifications of giving aid to the Rebels?
There was talk of England and France getting into the fray,
and the Arab League

If any other attack comes, the whole situation could result in not just a civil war, but a total collapse of the country. Thousands and thousands of civilians will die. MoMo might even use the massive chemical weapons stockpile he threatens the West with on a daily basis.

The consequences of this would be dramatic. Horrific. I shudder to think what would happen.

The Ideal
I spoke to a man today who was wearing a Libyan Flag. not the current one but the one from before MoMo's take over.
He was only 10 when his country went into chaos. His father would tell him about how it was under Italy, and how it changed and degraded, grew then faltered again under MoMo's regime. (He called him Mad Man Qaddafi)
He told me that he feels powerless being over here in Canada but happy his children have a good life without the worry of oppression and violence. He did lose some distant cousins in the fighting and feels for his family still trapped in Tripoli. I will keep his name confidential as I don't want any of Mad Man Qaddafi's men to find him and indirectly punish his family.

He did tell me before leaving the line at Tim's, that, after having long talks with relatives and friends from all over the African and Arab world, that things are changing, and watch out, they are going to happen fast. We said our goodbyes and all I could do is look at him with respect. I felt for him, being unable to help those in a place where he came from, happy yet sad that he lives in such luxury, that of peace, where as others struggle for a piece of bread.
I part you

If you are reading this, and you live in a world where your thoughts, actions, feelings, sexuality, gender, race and even beliefs are being subjugated, you are brutalized and abused, you are not alone.
You though have an opportunity to make right for what has been wronged.
I'm not talking about the spoiled Urbanites in North America who love to protest, I'm talking about you, the Chinese guy who doesn't like his government. You the Iranian woman who would rather  find the love of another woman. You the abused Liberian, raped since two and left for dead.
There is hope. It takes a leader, and maybe one of you have it in you. Maybe one of you will read this and say, you know what, I am a leader. Maybe one of you will stand up against it.
Maybe one of you.
The Prophet

Friday, February 11, 2011

Prove the Bible without The Bible.

Here is a challenge to everyone out there. Prove the Bible without the Bible.
Not so simple is it?

The scientific method is a honed and perfected process that deliverers measurable results, proper, logical interpretation and consistent evaluation of data.
It is a process that when boiled down asks this. Prove your point, but prove your point with something that is directly related to but not specifically That which is Your Point.

Biblical logic (I won't go into Koranic as it is a mindless quagmire of contradiction) states this.
The Bible is Correct. But how is it Correct? Because the Bible Tells me So.
But how do you know it's real without an outside interpretation of those documents?
Because the Bible is right. Now stop asking questions and believe.

This is the circular logic fallacy of Religion.
Religion refuses to question itself. It claims   it does. I've been in many a Synagogue where they claim they are questioning their Religion. This is false.
Judaism is an interesting faith structure. Frankly, I really don't think I've met a Jew (other than Orthodox or Ascetic) who really believes in an intervening God. The religion is so haughty intellectual and esoteric, that it goes beyond a faith into some sort of quasi metaphysical science that really is hard to follow if one was not used to it.
Hell, a good chuck of Rabbi's get into the lucrative Kosher Gig. You drive by a truck full of kosher food, do a drive by blessing and you just made a good 20 Grand.

I might don a yarmulke and go l'chaim!!!!

But i digress. They CLAIM to question their faith but really they put up scripted questions to their Rabbi ho responds with scripted answers. God moves in mysterious ways was what I heard a lot growing up.
In churches the smiling Priest would give similar answers. At the occasional mosque I attended as a guest, The Question and Answer was usually nonexistent and a whole lot of angry demands of penance or hellfire awaits those who disagree with Allah. Asalam M'lakum!Allah hu Akbar indeed. No. God is not great but again, I digress.

To question faith, to really put it under the microscope of the scientific method, faith dies. it is destroyed. It ends in glorious oblivion along side any fairytale.
So, like I ask so many times, why don't people demand answers, real answers regardless of the Bible claiming itself absolute?

The Scientific Method Vs The Other Guy's

For me to accept the Bible as fact i need corroborating evidence that is NOT the bible but related to directly or otherwise to the bible and its claims.

Go to this link with a more comprehensive breakdown of the Scientific Method Vs Faith.

Faith Vs The Scientific Method

 Example. This is Green. My Spectrograph says it's Green, My Colour Chart Created to Associate with similar colours matches the green. When digitized the computer interprets the hexadecimal value as Green. I have other individuals attesting to it being Green. So I can now say, THIS is Green.
If you make a claim, YOU MUST support it with factual and logical information.
Saying, You just gotta believe, is Garbage.

So when I say, prove the Bible is Real, without the Bible. Good chance is you can't.
A great example is peoples obsession with finding Noah's Ark. They claim it rests on Mount Ararat, buried under debris many many tens of metres deep.
Biblical Archaeologists (Pseudo Scientists the lot of them) will interpret partial data and data mine the work of other real scientists to give proof that the sonar image under the ground is that of an Ark.
Now, forgoing the obvious questions of how did it support all those animals, and how did all the worlds animals get there etc etc etc, one has to first question the data and means in which they gathered the data.
In the end, they use the Bible To Corroborate  the Bible.
This is Bullshit.
I can go on and on but I think you get the point.

My last comment is in regards to the End of World Prophecy of May 21, 2011.
I had the fortune or misfortune to speak to one of the actual individuals who calculated these endtime predictions. 
Please, if you are on Facebook, take a look here.!/pages/Judgement-day-may-21-2011/172321066135387

I openly asked him, How did you come to this truth?
He said through careful calculations related to bible verses, chapters etc etc.
I then asked him, what version of the bible? Then I asked him what numerical system did you use? Did you recalculate to Lunar Calendar or the calendar at that time which disregarded leap years over a regular, non celestial calendar?
Of course he couldn't answer any of these things correctly. He did say they corrected for lunar cycles without taking into account Earth Wobble or changes in the Moons orbit (which changes slightly over time much like Earth's orbit)
Then I asked which numerical system did you base your calculations on?
Did you convert for the lack of 0 in the old system? Did you adjust for the different calculation system? No he stupidly and ignorantly said God made one than two than three than four etc etc.

This is where his system failed. I questioned, using techniques and tools that, going outside what he wants to prove, question the hypothesis and it all falls apart.
A scientist or a logical person would say, I wonder if this is true or not? How can I find out? A religious person would say This is FACT, but you have to believe me.
A scientist will look into both sides of the matter, eliminating evidence and information until the only answer is available.
Religion predetermines the answer and contorts all other information to suit it.
Similar to the now popular amongst Creationists Macro-Evolution VS Micro-Evolution. It's the same thing yet they separate the two to account for observable variations among animals but do NOT accept any data that proves the Macro-evolution.
They refuse it because it openly contradicts what they believe. Which is inherently wrong simple because it refuses to be accountable for itself!
Hence when I say,

On a side note the guy who thinks the world is coming to an End on May 21 just told me Zombies will rise on the day or reckoning with great Earthquakes.
Great, God now sends a Zombie Apocalypse.... And he expects me to worship him? yesh....

Your Prophet, Jephri

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reasonable Probability the Long Version

There is no God.
Unlike Nitchze's statement, God is not dead for one must be alive to be dead.
Why make such a bold statement?
There is no God.

One can spend hours and hours debating the semantics and philosophy of "god". We can throw proof, and evidence but it will never be enough to convince the most devout, most righteous. Or... maybe not?

I have a  personal story I would like to share. I will not name names as it would damage her life.

I met a girl, probably 24 on the internet in Orkut. I was probably 22 or 23. Hot headed and argumentative, I engaged her in a debate on the Koran. By that time I had read and studied Islam for 5 years. I, thinking myself an expert on the subject (I guess I was considering how few people actually read their holy books) started talking to a few people.

Many were Islamists. Angry, not very articulate. Mean spirited. I never engaged them in the vitriol they spewed. The hate in which their religion worked. One girl though was more patient and interested in learning about Reasonable Probability. I explained it closely, using scientific facts but mostly following logical processes. After maybe three weeks she asked to meet. I was weary. Muslims have a component of their Jihad called the "al-Taqiyya" This roughly translates into "Hiding ones motives or strategies when faced with an enemy. Deceive your intention. Hide all emotion and fear." Something like that. My Arabic is rusty.

I was worried that I would become the next victim of the Religion of Peace.
I took precautions. I realized though that no matter what  I did, if someone wanted to harm you they would regardless of the population around you. Considering how many Muslims die at the hands of other Muslims, I was concerned. So I scoped out the area. I saw her go to the Starbucks and sit and wait. I looked around for suspicious looking people. Even double backed a few times.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big guy. 230 lbs and I work out every other day. I've been equated to a "brick shit house" with a nice smile. Regardless I wanted to be safe.
I was 20 minutes late and walked in to meet a scared looking woman in a sari.
I introduced myself.
We talked for 4 hours. She kept asking about Reasonable Probability, science, evolution. I answered everything I knew at the time. I was young mind you. This was 8 years ago.
She wanted to leave her faith but was scared for what her family and brothers would do. I helped her out the best I could. Gave her information on shelters, etc. Today she's a successful woman, scorned by her parents and family, but because she married a nice white guy up north.
I'm happy for her.
All it took though was a simple conversation on probability and an exchange of ideas related to such. in the end, Faith is an easy concept to refute. Look here "" on my "equation of Faith" to see that one can not argue from a point of nothingness, as it refutes itself.
This process is what kept us alive unconsciously throughout history. WE used tools like Patternicity to determine Win/Lose Fight or Flight scenarios on expenditure of energy.  Should I run from the bush rustling in the breeze? Maybe a predator hides? Michael Shermer does an amazing talk on this and other related phenomena regarding human interpretation of stimuli.
Michael Shermer

If you start to look at it, one can not wonder in amazement how we didn't see this sooner and cast off the shackles of faith.

Think of it like this;
Sure the universe could be pulled by Unicorns piloted by Panda Bears,but this is really unlikely. How far away from being unlikely is a God or an Angel? What is the difference between Aphrodite and the Arch Angel Michael? Or any other mythical creature from a similar counterpoint.
What is the difference between Hercules and Jesus?
Nothing. They are tales of fancy to create morality, governance, rule of law, explain the natural world, give hope, bring fear etc etc.
But the moment you question the relevance, the reality sets in. This is not real. There is NO reasonable Probability.

I mean, look at the ridiculousness of Scientology?
A false religion created for tax evasion? Written and designed by a hack writer and believed and followed by bored, too wealthy with too little brains Starlettes?
If you look at the history and story of Scientology it openly fails Reasonable Probability. Aliens and monsters and spirits oh my. Hubbard was famous for his rich orgies. Frankly I might join if the opportunity arises to be an Orgy guy. (just kidding)

Look at Christianity.
Adam and Eve etc etc. All fail Reasonable Probability. Even, like mentioned above, the story of Jesus fails basic critical analysis.
So why do people believe? Do they need to obsess over something out of their control? If you took out religion, nothing would change, we just wouldn't have something to blindly follow.
There is little in our life that is actually touched by religion but when it touches it hits hard.

I wish people could introduce the concept of Acceptable and Reasonable Probability into Schools. Teach children to question evidence and interpret it with logical process.

I wonder what the next millennium hold for us. I don't know if the world is or isn't ending on May 11, 2011 or Dec 21 2012. I do know the probability is pretty damn low and really, why should I worry if I can't change it anyway?

Just remember this folks, question everything. NEVER EVER be afraid to ask, what is the Reasonable Probability? You'll find things get easier and less complicated when you do.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Logical Fallacy of Faith and Why Pascal is an Idiot

Since I was a young pup, I always felt odd about faith.
My relatives would tell me to have faith. Just believe and all will come to you.
When I tried to apply reasoning and logic, the idea of faith crumbled like crackers into a soup.
It's not that faith was unappealing or belief in a supernatural creature stupid, it just didn't make sense.

The argument works out like this.

What is God?
He created the Universe.
Do you have proof?
No! But I have faith that he is watching over us.
But you don't know.
Sure I do.
I have faith.

And so it goes in circular logic until someone just says "Ah Fuckit" and walks away.
I say, let's rationalize faith and see what it gets us.
The essence of faith, is to accept the unknowable, the unprovable.
It's akin in assuming that one can multiply by 0.

So if f = (E(0)) + Nf/P

Faith equals Evidence times Naught Plus Number of Followers Over Power

Faith is only as powerful as the number of followers find it. No matter how you derive the equation, the only thing you are left with is either NO faith with No followers,  no evidence regardless or some quasi mash of lunacy.

For one to have faith, one MUST not believe.
 If God was real, and Jesus and Mohammad and Angels and demons and etc etc then, one would not need faith but subservient devotion. Then there would need to be an accountability of the Creator and a demand for his time for your penance.
Even great dictators have to answer to their people right?
God moves in mysterious ways simply because most mysteries are nothing, God isn't real and to have faith, you must accept that God is not.

The driving force of faith is just that, the nothingness one can not prove directly.
I am an Atheist. I am not a fence sitting Agnostic. Unsure of what side to pick. I know simply because reason shows me. No faith, no belief. I look at the numbers.
I use statistics and probability. The probability of any number of gods from history being real is so close to infinite zero that I wouldn't even waste my time figuring out that probability scale.

What of Pascals Wager? 

Pascal's Wager is one of the easiest refutable arguments that religion throws at us. My argument simply is, regardless of being wrong, and the number of other thousands of gods out there, blindly worshiping a child like creator goes against the principles of democracy and my franchise.
Are we humans more enlightened then the Monster in the Old Testament and the Quran? Are we more civil than the torturer and guilt layer in the New Testament? Are we more Human than the child like Gods in Hinduism?
Pascal can have his waste of time walking around with a neck full of religious ornaments hoping to appease some flying Space Daddy. Not this guy. Not this Prophet!

For one to believe, one must first know in their heart that God is not real, and from that can they actually believe in something unprovable. Faith is a personal lie.
Faith is the mechanism to control and subjugate. Faith is the tool to instigate fear and make a profit. Faith is the last straw in a weak mind.

If God was real, we would not need faith, and God would not have the power he wields over so many sad people.

Pascal is a fool and there is No God.
But I think all of you knew that already. You were just too scared to think forward to the next step, that nothing, (including that flying Spaghetti Monster) can not exert power over you.
You are free, now go play.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Was Jesus Real?

The Beginnings of the Renaissance of the Islamic world or a Flash in the Pan?

The Beginnings of the Renaissance of the Islamic world or a Flash in the Pan?

The recent upheavals in Tunisia, Yemen and now Egypt are building like a wildfire, spreading across the Middle East, the Arab World, Africa, Persia and beyond.
The seeds of doubt in oppressive, religiously controlled governments have started to sprout and from it, we have the rise of the people.
For almost 1400 years, Islam has seen some Golden Years as Europe sullied in a quagmire of superstition and war. Those Golden Years though died out about 340 years ago with the defeat at the gates of Vienna.
A combined European Force defeated the Ottoman Empire in a devastating battle that helped unite parts of Europe previously at odds with each other. Battle for Vienna 

This decline in the power of the Islamic states and empires resulted in a massive fragmentation and an eventual colonization of European forces in an almost Final Crusade that further divided the region.
What happened though, was the rise of Khalifs and religious micro states that severely oppressed the population.
Speed ahead a few hundred years and we are witness to what could be the next great war facing mankind. A war of Attrition or obliteration? Between the Enlightened Western Cultures (Including China and Japan for instance) versus the old, tribal cultures of the Middle East.
Let's consider why this is happening.
It's funny. 9/11, and other terrorist attacks on the West, not to mention the terror attacks against other Muslims are a result of a modern society clashing with a more primitive less adapted one, all because of resources and global influx of money.
IN essence the Muslim world had been defeated for all time, problem is they sit on resources we need.
So what happens? Our governments interfere, manipulate and help Radicals foster a hate for us.
All the while, dictatorships build and oppress the people more, but it's ok, as long as we hate the West just as much.
I may be digressing, but I'm getting to my point.
The Islamic world is a fractured, broken world, united only in hate and even that can't help create peace either. More Muslims die at the hands of other Muslims than they do to Western aggression. (The Terrorism numbers are astounding).
So far, we know that outside influence causes problems, RELIGION causes problems, so how do we help the people escape the dictatorships and fractured world they live in?
We do nothing.
We step away and not interfere. What happens?
Riots, revolts and a rise of the people. I just hope this isn't a flash in the pan and it actually builds towards a stronger, smarter, better world.
A safer world too. If the people are emancipated, and secular governments rise, and turn the radicals into a weak, little minority, we in the West will benefit greatly. If the opposite happens, like in Iran, we are in for a lot more troubles in the near future.
I really hope this is the Renaissance the Islamic world needs, for all our sakes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Religion of Peace? I think not. Russian Bombings and other musings.

Putin Vows Revenge for Airport Bombing
The Emergencies Ministry said the dead included one person each from Britain, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan; 16 were Russians and the remaining 12 had not been identified. A further 110 people, including nine foreigners, were hospitalized.

This is another sad incident, among many thousands throughout the world that sum up what Free Society is facing in the 21st Century.
Since 9/11, and even long before, the Jihadist, or religious extremist (almost all religions can attest to having a good 5% to 15% of their population among the Fundamentalists and another 20% of those being fanatics. This could be even more. Numbers from the UN stats on Human Rights and Freedoms)

Think of the bombings in the London Underground or Madrid or the USS Cole, to name a few.
Men driven because of some twisted justification, with little or no regard for human life.

Fueled by the dementia of religion.

The Suicide Bomber isn't always the Fanatic

There is one common judgment across the board that suicide bombers are ALL fanatics.
This isn't true. Many are coerced into performing these actions because of extortion and threats of other fanatics.

They will routinely threaten to kill family members if you are unwilling to join in the cause.
Simple criminal activities. (A report on international crime outlined terrorism as consisting of both criminal and religious intent)

At the root of this though is the assertion of divine allowance for these actions to take place. The guilt, threats of hellfire and the mental abuse required to take an intelligent, well adjusted person to commit such actions are another form of coercion. So the suicide bomber isn't always a fanatic from the onset, but they find a way of getting there, which by their own means or the means of others.

What is it about religion, and more specifically Islam that allows for this?

Religion is NOT peace

Religion, with all it's niceties, and beautiful ceremonies is in essence the blind worship and unquestioning authority of , well, nothing.
Air. Imaginary things.
When you are a child and your mother tells you that your imaginary friend isn't real, you get upset. As an adult, you hurt people.
Not all religions suffer form the misogyny and death cult status of the Western, Abrahamic Religions. Some like the Jain's or Baha'i, regard life, and the purpose of life to be a journey of love and growth.
A Journey, not unlike their prophets, of self reflection and good deed with conviction and without hubris and arrogance. 
The problem is, they still believe in nothing. They worship creatures invented by man, as reflections of our own faults (in the case of the Roman Gods) or a reflection of our desires (Greek God's as well) or our natural fear of death (Abrahamic faiths and other, death worshipping cults)
Islam has not once entered into a state of Reformation. Right now, millions and millions of Muslims struggle with each other over the most irrelevant issues, sometimes blowing up fellow mosques in the name of their flavour of Islam. 
Shiite Vs Sunni etc etc. Islam has never faced a point in which it's very survival was resting on a a detente and then a rebirth. The thing is, Islam, as a religion is dying and I will talk about that in a moment.
Similar to the Protestant conflict with the Catholics, a wedge needed to be shoved in between. A true peace maker, secularism.

Peace is derived through Freedom, not absolutism

To have peace, you must have detente. True world peace, where everyone loves each other and hands out flowers doesn't come from a willingness to end conflict, far from it. It comes from the willingness to mutually profit off of the exchange of social and emotional bonds, which in turn result in a higher yield of benefit over conflict.
Most of the world's conflicts have been over resources and the control, and or power struggle over them.
Whether it be land, goods, people, regardless, it all comes down to who controls what. The best motivator for those in power though is religion.

Motivating someone to commit an atrocity better have a reward greater than any and all rewards ever summed up in their life. it could be money, (mercenaries)  religion (72 Virgins waiting for you) or simply the admiration of the state (National Socialism is a great example of this)

The greatest motivator though is the idea of eternal pleasures and rewards. I won't go into the idiocy of Islams afterlife or the silly descriptions of heaven in Christianity, but know that the reward of eternal salvation is a great motivator for evil.

The way to prevent all this though is the separate the daily lives and actions of men and women from their religions, emotional lives.
This is where Secularism and Democracy come into play.
Religion serves to remove the responsibility of action from the individual, then punishes severely the transgressions.
The Franchise, or democracy places the complete onus on the individual, including protecting the freedoms of others. This may sound similar but they are as different then Apples and Seahorses.

If the individual becomes responsible for their actions, both to the collective, to themselves and to the function of the  collective, then one feels a part owner in it. We are all owners of the franchise. Religion is more of a Parent/Child relationship where the rules have been set, do as you are told and you will not be punished. Break them and you will know what you have done wrong. 
Problem is, you don't learn anything new and you create stagnation and, in the end defeat. Subjugation.  

Islam serves to destroy this.

Why Islam is in for a big hurt
 Islam is not the first religion to use suicide bombers. The bomb vest was actually the invention of insane Tamils, waging a ridiculous war against Sri Lanka. They believed it was their divine right to create a nation of Tamils and die trying. Looks like they got half that right.
The Kamikaze of Japan, or Holy Wind died in the name of their God Emperor. 
history is rife with examples of those willing to die in the name of a Religion.
Islam is no different. As a religion it also offers little or no difference than Christianity or Judaism. Just another flavour of means and ways to control and subjugate people in the name of a flying Sky Daddy.

History shows though that the zeal and energy needed  to wage a war of fanaticism, soon burns out and usually ends up backfiring in the end. (The Crusades, the Islamic Invasion of Europe during the 1700's etc)

In our Modern world, especially in the West, we are expected to support, love and propagate the idea that we can all get along. This is bumpkiss mind you but, regardless it has allowed for cultures like Canada, Most of Western Europe, the US and others to create multigenus societies with mixed and inherently stronger cultures. 
Sometimes you get infiltrated with dead, dying and sick cultures which associate and further justify their actions with religious zealotism, then demand the new host country capitulate.

England and Europe are great examples of how not to treat and handle your immigrants. It's become an almost frightening. This is another topic to talk about for another post.

What is happening is a global spreading of a sick philosophy known as Islam.
There are those among the religion that are not fanatics, not dangerous in any capacity. The problem is, there are far too many that are.
Islam is at a crossroads. As the world begins to rely less and less on the oil of the Wahhabi's of Saudi Arabia, their influence as well will wane. To establish power, control and growth of their faith, ore militant and aggressive techniques will start happening.
We see this in the global reaction to a bunch of cartoons of the murderous Muhammad. A man renowned for his lust of young women, power and military conquest. I hold little respect for a man so willing to commit atrocities and is still worshiped today. I fear that in 200 years men will look back and may worship Stalin or Hitler, as their divine promises were just as wild and idiotic as those found in any religion.
The reason why Islam is about to get a big wake up call comes from their steadfast need to demand change of any nation they occupy.
I remember trying to go for a swim at my local pool. I was doing laps when a group of Muslim women came in, head coverings etc and demanded the men leave the pool out of respect for their faith. Like so many good natured and welcoming Canadians, people capitulated but I stood my ground. I said no. I have a right to swim here as do you. SO please swim but do not ask from me to usurp my own rights to fulfill your religious obligations. I will not cross that line.
Respect is earned and these women did not have mine.

There have been global protests in the name of Sharia Law. Even here, in Canada. Protesters demanding a tiered legal system to suit their religious beliefs!
This can not and will not be allowed to continue.
The free reign of demands and capitulation through politically correct measure is coming to an end.
The problem is, instead of us as a collective standing up and saying no, but here is a better collusion, we h ave fringe groups rising to the occasion.
Examples are the Tea Party, British National Party, and other Nationalistic parties forming throughout Europe and Asia. 
Groups that are fed up, and willing to commit heinous acts of violence. 
This can not be allowed either.
What we need is a global awareness of what it means to be free. Education, growth, food, etc can help in those efforts.
The first steps need to happen from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia. They need to grow up. Their cultures need to change and their religion needs to mature.
Right now, as they continue to pressure and push Europeans, the Chinese, Russia, the USA etc, they do so under the guise their god will protect them.
Sadly, all that will happen is a global backlash. You will see more and more religious screenings in immigration. More and more violence perpetrated against Muslims, whether justified or not (in the minds of those doing it) it will happen.

Soon, if a large enough terrorist attack on US or European soil occurs, don't be surprised to see more invasions and if necessary, mushroom clouds over cities.
Is this fear mongering or idiocy? No, it's an inevitable and predictable outcome from a world fed up with capitulation and acceptance through forced tolerance.

Islam has a choice. Rise up, abandon these Islamist dreams of global superpowers under the name of Allah, find the personal adherence to the faith, while supporting and defending the rights of secular society. Which include the freedoms of and from religion, sexuality, gender and general discrimination.
Once this happens, this renaissance of Islam, then the world will be free from these kinds of conflicts.

Sadly, with men and women who see selfish, arrogant dreams of destruction and death in the name of god, we, the free society must stand as vanguards to the coming storm. Quell our fanatics and xenophobes and through that, establish a dialogue with the enemy and hopefully win over their hearts and minds with philosophies of inclusion and fairness.
Will this happen? I don't know. 

What I do know, is a lot of people are going to get hurt, needlessly, and without reason.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Debunking that stupid Creationist Classroom video

Electroweak Stars

When a star dies, depending on its mass, it has several options. When a sun-like star runs out of fuel, it puffs up into an angry red giant, eventually losing its outer layers to space, leaving a compact mass of "electron degenerate" matter behind. This remnant is called a white dwarf, the kind of star our sun will turn into in about 4 billion years time.
Electroweak Stars

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am now on Support Atheism Dot Com!!
Ha. Good, it's exciting to start being linked when starting a new blog. I want to get my message out there about free thought, skepticism and freedom from religion.
To the guys and dolls over yonder in cyber space at, thanks. I will be a big support and constant provider of information, arguments and input.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So much to kevetch about - Anti - Vaccination

I've been pretty involved in some big open debates about Vaccination, homeopathy and alternative medicine.
It get's pretty wild what people believe. And the key word is Belief.
That one word can make the difference between a factual, well tohught out theory, and sheer bumpkiss.

I believe in nothing except the philosophical application of reason and logic. The reason is that they exist in the realm of abstract thought, which in essence has no physical application except the indirect usage of such.
I got into this really heavy debate on facebook on a page called V.I.N.E
Vaccination Information Network.
These quackpots, led by their semi insane leader, Erwin Alden, a Kiwi with a hate-on for Western Medicine, are out to rid the world of science and replace it with magic beans.

The nature of Vine is the question a)the validity of Vaccines b)Offer alternative medicines c)Educate people on their rights as well as give medical advice.

I'll start with C.
Erwin loves to give out medical advice. In fact, he is so assured to the evils of western medicine, even going so far as to claim MD's are part of a vast international conspiracy to depopulate the world through Vaccination and GMO's.
He calls them peddlers of evil and child abusers.
Making such statements without proof is called liable. I can tell you this., New Zealand authorities should be made aware of this.

B)Alternative medicines. I'm not going to go into detail here, as I want to have separate posts about the myriad of snake oil scams in alternative medicine, but what I will say is the amount of bullshit and nonsense peddled to poor, unsuspecting people.

I'll quickly round off the bullshit list. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). One only has to look at the general health and well being of China to know the Bull of TCM. Not to mention, if you support TCM, you support the Bear Bile, the Shark Fins, the Whale Penis. I won't go into the impurities found in many TCM products. Take a gander here.TCM Quackery (I'll talk more about that later)

Homeopathy. This deserves it's own post but for the time being, go here. How Does Homeopathy Work
 It's actually quite an exhaustive list.
The last real factitious, idiotic and unscientific theory is Cellular Theory. Germ Vs Cellular
Read the chart. If you know a little bit, even the teeniest, tiniest smallest thing about biology, you would know Cellular Theory is bullshit.
Again, it deserves it's own post for analysis.

And now Number A).
Vaccines Don't Work.
Really Erwin? Don't they? Do Vaccines work? According to the CDC, ya they do.
Do they have side effects and could potentially cause death? Sure. It's called mitigating Risk. Vaccines (which I will talk further about later with some real data and medical information)
have been proven effective. Any argument against vaccines comes from analysis of statistical data, bad science (almost science fiction) and assumption mixed with anecdotal evidence.
Let me give you folks a little advice.
If you make a claim, EVEN IF IT IS RIGHT, you must prove it, and thus be willing to accept criticism for that statement. if you fail this, your claim, true or not, is invalid and you are wasting your time.
There is a reason there is a process in this.
So when Wakefield, the crook he is, was found guilty of manipulating data, lying, endangering children and accepting money from lawyers, people should have said, ok so this autism-vaccine thing probably isn't real.
Erwin and his collective of bleating sheep say otherwise. They worship him like a god. A martyr! They beleive him innocent, even in the face of absolute evidence indicating otherwise. Wakefield is a crook and will always be known as a man who, through his greed, has caused the death or illness of thousands of people, needlessly. Evil.Wakefield

I'm going to take off, next post will be less ranty and more specific. Cheers!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pakistan - A Microcosm of How a Nation Decays

Blasphemy Laws in Dispute

Recently a well known and loved left wing politician was murdered in Pakistan, simply because he insisted on fighting an outrageous set of blasphemy laws currently accepted in Pakistan.
The Pope along with countless other international delegates have demanded Pakistan repeal its harsh, and repressive laws.
In the streets though, the population feels otherwise.
The supposedly  peaceful religion rears its, well, head (I would say ugly but we should just presume it's nothing but ugly) with threats to any and all that question it's collective insanity.
"If you challenge the prophet, we will take revenge. It doesn't matter who does it," Cries a cleric from teh crowd.

Another example of the evil of religion and how it destroys everything it touches.

The politician that was murdered was somehow a criminal. Salman Taseer, the governor of Pakistan's Punjab province openly criticized the law because of its retardation of Pakistan. His body guard killed him and he becomes a national hero.

Why is this? I will talk about Blasphemy in another post but let's talk about the implications of this in Pakistan.
If you wanted to watch the effect religion has on a nation, look at Pakistan. A nation being torn asunder in the name of a religion which can't even figure itself out, let alone the means and ways of a population of fanatical followers.

Pakistan has a rough past. I don't know if any of you know much about it but I spent a few sleepless hours reading on the history, the players and the ways it was formed and now, sadly crumbles.
An ancient culture derived from Hindu practices, and filtered with Middle Eastern influence, Pakistan is a beautiful country I would love to visit one day.
Sadly, as a Kafir, I am an infidel and subject to execution under their laws.

The paranoia of the Jew (which I will cover in another topic. The Fallacy of the super race)
and the inability to control their own emotional cultures have fostered tribalism and the growth of fundamentalist Islamists.

The blasphemy laws are a clear indication of the extent that faith will go to protect itself from criticism.
Think of that poor woman who got into an argument among other workers in a field. In a heated exchange her life pretty much came to an end.
Christian Woman To be Executed

This insanity only serves to retard Pakistan. It permits the primitive cultures to perpetrate, the religion to control the government and the people to hate (which is the easiest way to control a population).

WE will be watching Pakistan Further and as things progress, I will be more active in my criticism of the Mullahs and Imans and the irrational and fanatical.
They will be brought to the light and held accountable for their actions infront of Man and NOT the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Why Skepticism Matters - a Short muse

Being A skeptic is not a bad thing. I hear people lambaste the cynic and the skeptic like they are the same thing. Politicians, Clergy, all love to make the poor Skeptic into this angry, grumbly fellow who wastes everyone's time complaining about stuff.
A Skeptic's role is the question the establishment and demand accountability to answers.
Without skepticism, we would not have science, as the very basis of science surrounds skepticism itself.
Skepticism is the very essence of positive thought as it demands accountability and the truth. In fact, those who serve to block or undermine skepticism tend to be very negative people as they fear new thoughts and tend to feel comfortable within their bubble.

Next time someone offers you a "truth", question it. Demand an answer, and if they can't give you one, probably a good sign they themselves are full of shit, and you were very justified in questioning them.

Going to go see a movie, when I come back, I have a few lamentations on religion in politics and the evils of faith based movements.
Your Prophet

The Book of Logic and Reason - Skepticism

Hello everyone.
This is my first post as Prophet Jephri. 
This blog will serve as a meeting ground for like-minded and contrarian minds to meet, discuss, and enlighten each other.

I want to serve reason and educated, civil discourse. However,  I also believe, as a Militant Atheist, that we, as secular champions must engage the darkness which is religion, fear, superstition and conspiracy,  and shine a bright, beautiful light into their eyes.

To give context to my understanding of these subject matters, I will give a brief history of myself, so you can know that I do not present partial fact, but will engage with accountable, and provable data. 
Anything I don't know, I will claim ignorance and research it. If I am proved wrong, I accept that and will champion the truth.

Who I am
I grew up in a Secular nation, surrounded by varying cultures and religions. A mother who is Jewish (spiritual more so) and a non-practicing Christian father, my first best friend a Muslim boy, I had a really good early eye opener to the insanity of faith.
I spent my youth studying. I would read anything scientific or philosophical. History, genetics, religion, geology, astronomy, astrology. I consumed it all. I needed to know. I was even going to enter sciences in university, specifically leaning towards geology and applied physics. I decided to engage in something far more difficult, social media, communications and entertainment. This gave me the ability to rationalize and contextualize all the information I spent my life learning. I don’t stop though.  Soon, I will begin my pursuit of sciences in University. I may be 30, but I never stopped learning.
I can guarantee you I have read the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, the Bible and other lesser known religious texts more than most humans.  I’ve met some devote Christians who nary a page read but a pastor believed.
Many a fundamentalist Muslim who’s verses remembered were the ones his Imam forced down his throat for pious, controlling reasons.  Think he read through the misogyny of the Quran? Probably not, but he believes it regardless.
I even have spoken to Hindu’s who profess great love for their gods, yet know nothing of the texts written about them.

What I want to do
Prove or disprove the following

Monotheism Is It aA Farce?
The Holy Trinity is a Joke
Mohammed was Not a Character worthy of Worship
Jesus Probably Didn’t Exist
The True Nature of Religion
Why We Believe What We Believe
The New Religion (Conspiracies)
Education and Our Children
And other similar topics.
I will also be producing a video blog soon. So watch out for that.

Rules of Engagement
Religion is an obvious fallacy, or is it? For us to support a theory or conclusion, we must understand why something is, and how to go about proving it so. 
I will make many points, a lot of opinion and support it with data. I will make it clear it is an opinion, so please judge it accordingly. When I present fact, you must then use common sense in understanding that fact.
If a person of religious belief comes here and makes outrageous claims easily falsified, but in so doing you insult them, insult away.

The burden of proof is upon the taskmaster.

You make the claim, stand by it. 

If a person distastes religion and is only out to insult without rhyme or reason, then go away. This is a place of intellectual (and sometimes childish) behavior. I'm not looking for a fight for fights sake, I want people to learn and realize that maybe, they shouldn't fear what goes bump in the night.

Do not assume you know anything. No, this is not the philosophical gobbledygook that people love to wax poetically as an excuse to not bother learning anything and retaining that knowledge. (Mind you I find this funny as it tends to be uttered by religious zealots who toss it at those with scientific minds, saying that we really don’t know what we are talking about, even though they themselves have declared absolute knowledge on any subject matter)

What I mean is, Don’t come in all presumptuous with ideas, then get insulted when someone questions you. Remember, the Burden of Proof is upon you. I will prove every point I make, so you should too. Don’t assume, back it up with data.

This is my first post! So, please comment and enjoy and let’s start talking.

Support Atheism!